Watercolor Rose

Watercolor Rose - student project

What a great class, Maria! I'm always excited to take your classes. You have a special gift of teaching. Looking forward to the next one!
As for my rose, I'm pretty happy with it. Painting somewhat realistic flowers is very appealing to me, it's why I started watercolors. I struggled a lot with it in the past, so a year ago I decided to take a break. I choose your class to try and get back to it and I feel hopeful now :)
I would be more than happy if you could give some feedback or give some tips to improve. For nothe moment, I see that I should've added shadow on the top right and bottom left leave, since they look flat and kind of appart from the flower.

Watercolor Rose - image 1 - student project

Watercolor Rose - image 2 - student project

Elina Zhelyazkova
Watercolor Artist