Watercolor Ring


I had a lot of fun taking this class & working on this project! It was a bit out of my comfort zone, and I don't love the way my gemstone came out, but this will be a subject I'll continue to practice with.

  • I love rose gold, and I almost opted for silver or yellow gold instead, because I didn't think I'd get the color right. But I trusted my instinct and I really love the way the band came out! :) Thanks Ana!

    EDIT: 7/28/19

    So I'm taking this class again, and loving it - again! I fell off the watercolor wagon for a bit and then started back up and I feel like I've definitely improved since I painted the pink & rose gold ring. I still haven't done my actual part 2 class project, but I've posted my progress so far from the warm-up exercises, and I can point out a few of the areas I like as well as some things I could stand to work on.

  • My pulse & precision still needs some work, but has definitely improved drastically
  • In the pink gem from my warm-up exercises this time 'round, (not my first class project which is the pink ring) I wish I'd used more transparent layers and played around with more organic tones. I tried to keep that in mind while painting warm-up exercise #2, the greyish gem, and I think I went a bit overboard using different textures, However...
  • I LOVE that I was able to be loose with these exercises. I implemented a lot of wet-in-wet, applied mixed media and different textural techniques including salt and bleach, and had a ton of fun with it! I think I will be happy with the finished product.
  • My eye for contrast has improved and I love adding finishing details with white gouache or gel pen
  • I enjoyed playing around with strategically placed pearlescent tones for my practice gems, and I think they really popped in the end result.
  • I was a bit too impatient in waiting for some perimeters to dry before painting the sections next to them. In some cases, I like the bleeds, but overall in the grey gem it's a bit too much.


Overall, nothing is perfect, but I can see where I have come a long way!



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