Watercolor Planet Blue

Watercolor Planet Blue - student project

Are you a diver? I may not know your answer. But you can dive into the "PLANET BLUE" with your watercolor palette. Yes! It's all about underwater life. We are going to paint deep oceans with flora and fauna. Dive in! Expand your imagination! Enjoy your creativity! Lets start now!

CLASS LINK: https://skl.sh/2uII8zu


Watercolor Medium: It's a hassle free medium that anyone can start their art journey.

Description of the class: In this class you can learn to paint 4 UNDERWATER WORLD SEASCAPE PAINTINGS WITH FLORA & FAUNA, which could make you feel that you are watching them in real.

I have created the lessons in a simplified manner with step by step assistance that anyone can follow quite easily.

You can learn to paint 4 UNDERWATER WORLD SEASCAPE PAINTINGS WITH FLORA & FAUNA, and lot more watercolor tips and techniques from this class

I am very much eager to see your beautiful and unexplored wild seascape paintings in your project section.Happy painting!Watercolor Planet Blue - image 1 - student project

Lalitha Ragavan
Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist