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Watercolor Painting: How to paint a floral wreath

-My project will be a lesson on how-to class for beginning watercolor artists with a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint a floral wreath. I plan to use inexpensive tools and everyday objects to show that watercolors are a fantastic medium to work with, even for beginners! I will use my Canon 5d mark iii to record the tutorial. I hope to have an introduction clip, some "b-roll" type shots, and of course the main painting portions with side angle views and aerial views. Not sure how I will rig the aerial tripod yet so I'm welcome to ideas!! :) 

I've been forgetting to update my process, so here are some of the steps I've taken to get to this point:


1. I've spent a lot of time brainstorming the steps I want to cover in detail (i.e. should i start with flowers or foliage, should i show each brush, etc)


2. I took photos of each tool in this order: paint brush, paint, paper, pencil, bowl. I plan to make a "stop-motion" style clip in the video as it adds each tool to make one larger picture. I'm also hoping to add some digital animations to make it festive. 


3. I took some "b-roll" video before I got started painting so that I can use it for the intro video.


4. This is when I set up my crazy tripod/camera - if I'm going to continue filming classes I'm definitely going to invest in a lateral tripod because that was SO hard!! It was nearly impossible to paint next to the tripod - I had to stand to the side and do the whole painting like that. My back is killing me!!


5. I painted the foliage first, then added the flowers. Ended with a few more leaves in a darker shade. 


6. Took a few more "after" shots and b-roll film to use at the end to show the final product. 


7. I still need to do my bio/intro section. I need to find a friend who can help me shoot that portion - not to mention I want to do my hair and makeup a little better than they are right now ;) 


8. I am going to start compiling and editing the video! Last up is recording the voiceover with the instructions. I'm getting close! :) 


Thanks for all the support!





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