Watercolor Painting: Enchanting Autumn Landscape [Sample Project]

Watercolor Painting: Enchanting Autumn Landscape [Sample Project] - student project

Paint along with me this autumn landscape Watercolor Painting. You just need cotton paper, brushes, paints and water. A simple class where I teach you to make enchanting Autumn leaves with beautiful sky. 

Few of my suggestions:

You can change the colors of leaves if you would like. Use Different autumn colors like red, orange, gold, brown etc. Feel free to share with others your creation. You can also use real life reference picture of your own that way it becomes fun and different for you to learn and explore. You can always ask me if you have any questions regarding lesson in discussion section. Also feel free to connect with me and DM me on Instagram : @TheDivineButterfly

I would love to share your artwork with my Instagram friends and followers, so make sure you share there, tag me @TheDivineButterfly and use hashtag #learnwithjaya

Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher