Watercolor Mountain Chickadee

Watercolor Mountain Chickadee - student project

This was a fun painting to try on the rough Arches paper with masking fluid. Since I have limited experience painting on rough paper I learned a lot from doing this painting. I think it would look better with darker darks but for now I am calling it done. 


 Watercolor Mountain Chickadee - image 1 - student project



I painted this Steller's Jay using techniques I learned while painting the chickadee.  I definitely need to work on my background washes more. It might be the rough watercolor paper but my ultramarine blue on the top of the picture just does not want to play well.  I plan on trying this again on coldpress  300 lb  paper.


Watercolor Mountain Chickadee - image 2 - student project


This is the Steller's Jay picture I was working from.  My husband took this photo.


Watercolor Mountain Chickadee - image 3 - student project