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Watercolor Month

According to the channels I follow, July is World Watercolor Month. I will line that up with this project for a nice month long watercolor exercise. I love watercolor, but there is so much more I want to do with it.

Day 1: I took a lovely watercolor florals class her on Skillshare, and so I am practicing what I learned there. Also combine with my 100 days project of drawing dragons :).


Day 2: Another combo with my dragons project. I'm pretty happy with these balloons.  I tried using a couple of layers of masking fluid and I liked how it turned out. I will be able to do cool things with it as I practice more.


Day 3: My daughter picked me some little flowers while we were at the park on a sketch date. Since we were at the park, she didn't do much sketching ^_^ (she's 6). 


Day 4

I'm a little late updating my project, but I am keeping my daily painting practice up. This is from the holiday.



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