Watercolor Mixing

Watercolor Mixing - student project

Class Project

I wanted to experiment a bit with Madder Brown (PR206) as a Red.  I like to have it on the palette anyway since when tinted it can give a nice healthy pink flesh tone for caucasian skin, but typically when I need an actual red color I'll grab something else, like a Pyrrole or Cadmium Red.  I chose a middle yellow and blue for mixes, Winsor Yellow (PY154) and Cobalt Blue (PB28).

As I'd expected, it mixes very muted violets and oranges.  That's useful for Portraits, but maybe not so much for other subjects.  (I'm not entirely sure the camera is even going to pick up much of a difference between the violets and oranges, but they are there.  Sorta.)  Trying to get a V/RV was challenging since it was so easily overpowered by the Blue, but I did like the subdued BV color.

Fun exercise, and thanks for the class. 

Watercolor Mixing - image 1 - student project


Color Mixing Exercise

Watercolor Mixing - image 2 - student project

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