Watercolor & Mixed Media Class


I don't like this white ink one below.  I guess I need a lot more practice with fine lines? Also had the same problem with spatter; it was more of a mist using a paint brush so I switched to a toothbrush and it was a little better but not at all like Ana Victoria's.


So then I tried again using white acrylic over water color.  Think my background was too light.  Still having trouble with the consistency of white acrylic to water.


This is my painting before the clouds. Got a bit carried away with the salt.


and after with the clouds... and then I got a little carried away with the clouds.  Ana Victoria, is it too much or too little white acrylic on the clouds?


I really am not happy with this final project.  Can't get the clouds right (think I should have more water) and the paint in the sky was drying before I could finish the negative space around the lettering.



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