Watercolor Milky Way Night Sky

Watercolor Milky Way Night Sky - student project

This was my second attempt at the night sky. The first one I tried I got the paper waaaay too wet and it just became a mess, plus my pigment was nowhere near dark enough to make the stars stand out.This time, I used masking tape to keep my borders neat and tidy, and I like the way that turned out. My paper is still incredibly warped (Canson Montval, whatcha gonna do? I'm still too cheap to get really good paper) but I think once I frame it that won't be noticeable. 

I had taken Kolbie's tree-specific class before this one, so I feel like those turned out great! 

Watercolor Milky Way Night Sky - image 1 - student project

Holly Shkolnick
Self-taught watercolor artist