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Watercolor Magic!

I am so happy to be apart of this class! <3 

Ever since I started watercolor last year, I've been completely in love with it and felt the unavoidable need to learn and experiment with all the things. ;)

Here's my wash techniques pages in my watercolor journal:



Painting this was fun, and I learned a lot, too! Yasmina, you explained these skills really really well. I even tried a toothbrush on the dry brush square! Such a cool effect!

Next comes the 3D Sphere. 

This part was a little challenging for me, because I am a little impatient. All I wanted to do was paint non stop. 


(I even spelled Sphere wrong. XD. )

I've always had trouble "seeing " shadows , and details and getting it on to the page. Learning about layering and shadows here really helped!! And waiting. Waiting was the name of the game. I would put paint to page and do something else, like pet my cats or watch a YT video or get coffee while the layers dried. It was hard. I almost caved. But I didn't. And now I have this awesome "shere" that I am proud of. 

Stay tuned for more watercolor magic!!!! 




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