Watercolor Leaves Pattern

Watercolor Leaves Pattern - student project

I know the project was supposed to be hand drawn, and I fully intended to do a hand drawn pattern.  But it was taking too long.  So I had some fun with watercolor leaves instead.  Here is the tile, cut up and reassembled:

Watercolor Leaves Pattern - image 1 - student project


Since the image was larger than my scanner, I decided to try piecing multiple scans together.  I have not attempted that before, and it took some digging to figure out how to do it in GIMP.  When I had the tile scanned and put back together, I uploaded it to my RedBubble account and tried it out as a repeat on some of the products.

Watercolor Leaves Pattern - image 2 - student project

There are obvious seams in the pattern.  That is something I am going to have to work on for the future.  Or, I will have to make sure that I start out with a tile that will fit on my scanner.


Lisa Goss
Artist & owner of Flory Avenue Designs