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Watercolor Journey!

Thank you again Ana for another great class!

For the Negative Space activity I decided to try painting koi fish swiming around in little ocean bubbles.


I made a Dreamcatcher for the masking fluid activity. Using the masking fluid was a challege but I think with practice I could get better. I really loved painting the gradients in the feathers. 


I wanted to improve on my first masking fluid Dreamcatcher project so I made another one! This time I masked out the circle and feathers completely. I used blue ink for the thin rope lines. I tried using a little white ink for highlights.


For the white ink activity I made a spacey globe! I really like how the colors came out and I think my pulse and precision is getting a bit better. 


On Sunday I went to the Museum of Natural History with a friend and tried painting the giant blue whale with a big spacey background! I used mixed media paper so the colors don't blend together as well as using watercolor paper... I used white ink for the stars and the creases that run along his stomach. I used turquoise ink for the outline and other details.


I finally got to the clouds activity! I went a little crazy with the white... but I don't think it came out too bad, it's my first attempt! I deff. wanna try this again and see if I can get more color in there next time!



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