Watercolor Iris: Pro Techniques Explained

Watercolor Iris: Pro Techniques Explained - student project

My class is now live! This is the most thorough real-time painting techniques class I've recorded to date and I can't wait to see what my students come up with!



This is be my 4th SkillShare class, the 3rd in the "pro techniques" series.

In terms of the subject matter, I've done several polls on my Instagram and Facebook pages, where I am fortunate to have 40,000+ followers combined. The majority was interested in an in-depth botanical subject, with purple Iris flowers generating the most interest.

In terms of the production process, I  went through all the feedback received to date on my previous classes, and the biggest takeaways were:

1) Continue focusing on advanced techniques as there are plenty beginner-level classes on Skillshare (and elsewhere) already.

2) Continue sharing in-depth resources including a detailed palette structure, and alternative pigments. Stress the importance of the specific paper quality (cold pressed).

2) Show each step in real time.

The latter is quite challenging, given the amount of time it takes to create a painting like this; as a result this new class will be close to 2 hours long. I had to carefully re-think my production process and focus on a very detailed voice-over throughout.

With this in mind, I will not be covering the basics (wet-on-wet techniques etc); instead the majority of time will be spent on "de-mystifying" the layering sequence and explaining the exact placement of strokes in order to create a rich botanical texture.

I am very excited to hear the feedback on this new and improved format.


Watercolor Iris: Pro Techniques Explained - image 1 - student project


Anna Bucciarelli
Professional Illustrator