Watercolor & Gouache Exploration

Watercolor & Gouache Exploration - student project

I really enjoyed this class. I didn't even realize that some of my lack of confidence with watercolor and gouache was that I didn't know what color palettes I preferred, what paper type I liked best for each or even what size brush worked most naturally for me.

It turns out that although I struggle to get thin lines with small brushes, I somehow have no problem with them when using a large brush. I also prefer to use my brush as a brush, not a drawing tool. I prefer cold press for watercolor and hot press for gouache. I like painting separately and together about the same and want to explore that more. What a great excuse to buy fresh flowers each week! 

I will say that I'm a little intimidated by acrylic gouache, just the drying and finality of it, but I'm also intrigued about the ease of layering and plan to try that soon too.

Thanks so much for this class! I didn't realize how easy + fun painting flowers could be!



Watercolor & Gouache Exploration - image 1 - student project



Watercolor & Gouache Exploration - image 2 - student project


SEPARATE/TOGETHER WATERCOLOR Watercolor & Gouache Exploration - image 3 - student project


IMPROVISED/PLANNED GOUACHEWatercolor & Gouache Exploration - image 4 - student project 


SEPARATE/TOGETHER GOUACHE Watercolor & Gouache Exploration - image 5 - student project



Watercolor & Gouache Exploration - image 6 - student project