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Watercolor Girl--Feeling Blue

Day 4

I sketched my grandparents and my son on my grandpa's tractor.  Then I put it in Illustrator and colored it digitally.


Day 3

Geometric Shapes, drew them at a coffee shop.  Then used pastels to color them.  This is totally out of my comfort zone.  Both geometric shapes, and pastels.  Not sure I am a fan of either, but it is good for me to draw different things.  It was fun to draw in a new environment though.


Day 2  I chose the paper with an imaginary place.  And I drew it largely at a bounce house, while my son was totally engaged in jumping around.  It was really fun for both of us.


Day 1

I chose a watercolor brush.  I have not really watercolored much, maybe 3 times in my life.  So this was great, it pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.  I too like to draw with mechanical pencils.  I did cheat, and used my pencil, and pen, but I added watercoloring which I would never have done in the past.


I did a pig too.  Just to lighten up the mood!



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