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Watercolor Gerbera Daisies

I love this class and can't wait to find some time to paint florals! Here is a shot of some practice lines and circles.


 My favorite flower is a Gerbera Daisy, so I think I will try my hand at painting a few of them in a mason jar. Using the below photos from a google search for a rough idea, since my plant is just starting to bloom outside and I can't get any good photos yet. I also have a gardening book that I like to reference when I'm sketching florals.


See you all soon :)

Updated - Sunday, April 3

I had a little time today between all the soccer games over this weekend to start sketching...also bought myself a bouquet of wildflowers to drool over and draw inspiration from! 

Here is the bouquet I arranged....


Here are my sketches and a rough draft of the possible painting.




Still pretty rough, but hoping to find some more time later today to sketch some more.

Have  a lovely Sunday everyone :)

Update: Tuesday April 5th. 

Did a little more sketching and used the tracing paper method that Sandra used (great idea). So much simpler than re-drawing a bunch of times in order to find the right placement. 


I then traced onto my watercolor paper using my lightbox.


Played around with some of my Dr. PH Martins colors and I believe these are my final color choices: 

Scarlet, Burnt Orange, Orange, Chartreuse and Turquoise.


Update 4/11: 

I'm back for the final part of this project. I had a lot of fun with this class and it really helped me learn patience with my watercolors, I always seem to not wait quite long enough for my layers to dry, but this daisy was good practice! Here are a couple of shots of the work in progress.



and finally:


Thank you Sandra for another great class!


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