Watercolor Freestyling

Watercolor Freestyling - student project

I started this class because I love love love watercolor! I've been using it pretty often the last year but still feel there's so much more to learn! What Anna did with that french brush left me greedy for one too. I already found out that paper quality is also of great importance. And I discovered I have no indigo in my palet. 

As far as the techniques go, I usually work very precise. Loose experiments I use to warm up the creativity, to activate the right brain so to say. This class offered a couple of those: the dancing brush, the flowers and the dripping stars. I liked them a lot. The cut-out tape is a very smart trick that I might use for a future project. 

Here are a few impressions of my practise this far. I'll make time next week or so for the bigger project too! Any feedback is very welcome. Also maybe check my other watercolor painting on instagram: @elinestolp. Thank you so much!! Watercolor Freestyling - image 1 - student projectWatercolor Freestyling - image 2 - student projectWatercolor Freestyling - image 3 - student projectWatercolor Freestyling - image 4 - student project

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