Watercolor Fox Painting

Watercolor Fox Painting - student project

Welcome back artist and thank you again to joined another class project based on this class :)

Today after a couple of digital artwork, I came back on a traditional watercolour technique and in this particular painting I want to show you, how I realised a fox portrait on 100% cotton paper.

This is an almost realistic watercolour painting, but please don't be scared if you are a beginner, because the key to realise these kind of artwork, is just to take your time don't rush and follow step-by-step, like the glazing technique, mixed with wet on wet technique.
So basically nothing difficult in this painting, you have just to be patient and take your time during the process.
Don't rush :D that's it

Another important thing I want to tell you is about the material, because I will show you in the material chapter a couple of brushes but you can do everything just with two brush, a round / mop brush, and a flat one.
I recommend to use a cold pressed paper or a rough paper because I think would be easier to work on it, compare to the hot press paper.

Last but not least about the colour: I have used a very different amount of colours but I think you can do something like that, just using some yellow, orange and dark red. Even if you have a sepia a colour or burnt amber would be amazing.

Material recap:

  • pencil for the basic sketch
  • waterproof ink or technical pen
  • round and/or mop brush
  • flat brush
  • cold pressed paper (or rough paper)
  • good detailed reference image
  • yellow, orange, red, alizarine cremisi, red vandick, burnt humber, sepia, neutral tint, payne's grey

Process recap

  • make basic sketch
  • refine the sketch with the waterproof ink
  • paint the background with dark colours (wet on wet)
  • let it deeply dry
  • paint the fox using glazing technique
  • blend the fox with the background

I really hope you will enjoy to make this kind of painting,  because I think enjoy to painting and drawing is probably the most important thing about being an artist.

A perfect result will arrive with practice, passion, and love Art.

But the most important thing is you have to be happy and enjoy any single day to feel in love to get some brush painting and draw whatever you like :)

Thank you again to follow me and to support my heart and I will see you next painting and next project

ciao !

Nero di Venere ;)


Umberto Zanoni