Watercolor Forest

Watercolor Forest - student project

First, I must say that the painting looks a lot better on the photo than in real life :D
Nevertheless, I am happy and proud with my piece. I love landscapes like that and this is not my first try with forests but I always struggle with color value. I didn't get it perfect this time either but it is a lot better than before :)
I knew that it would be better if I chose professional grade paints for this one but I just love the combination between Burnt Sienna and Purple and I have these colors only from a student grade brand. Other confusing thing for me was that some of my lines dissapeared after painting the background so I was a little bit lost. 
I will surely try to paint this again and again, maybe using different colors. Thank you, Maria, for yet another inspiring class <3
Watercolor Forest - image 1 - student project

Elina Zhelyazkova
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