Casey Saccomanno

Print and Fashion Designer



Watercolor Floral Experiments

Hey everyone! 

I work with watercolor in my work a lot- I have a very detailed realistic approach usually and I am trying to become more comfortable with looser floral paintings which will help my career as a textile designer.

If anyone would like to follow me on Instagram my account is listed below, I think it is a great way to artists to connect and provide feedback to each other:

Below are a few floral arrangements I worked on last night, I am the most unfamilar with the vintage florals painting technique and I plan to experiement with this in the next few days! :)

Dropped florals warm up (watercolor and india ink)



Floral Arrangement: (I love to use indigo and magenta shades in my work with some muted grays and greens) I wanted the floral details to be the focus and the leaf shapes to fall towards the back in more muted soft tones. 


Muted Indigo and Grey floral arrangement:


Masking fluid used to block out letters while I paint a floral bouquet background!




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