Watercolor Fishes

Watercolor Fishes - student project

Thank you Madhumik for another wonderful class! 

I and my 10.yo daughter have been taking your classes recently and we are absolutely loving it.

I first thought that it would be a bit doubtful mixing the orange with the red and blue but the result was absolutely beautiful!

We love doing negative space artworks as it is a perfect way to unwind.

We are looking forward to doing more of your amazing skill share classes!


This is my 10 y.o. daughter's art work.  She really enjoyed removing the masking fluid as she said it was really satisfying! She also tried adding the bubbles to her artwork.

Watercolor Fishes - image 1 - student project


This is my art work.

It was the absolute perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!

Watercolor Fishes - image 2 - student project