Watercolor Feathers

Watercolor Feathers - student project

So I am a beginner at watercolor and all it has to offer. I am taking one thing at a time, learning what I can and trying to experiment as well. I really loved making these feathers and I know that I can make them look even better with practice. I really love working with salt, so the second feather is my favorite, as is the color scheme... I am very particular on my color schemes and tend to be 'boring' for chosing them over and over, so I pushed myself to make some in the same colors as suggested by Viddhi. The only issue I have working with wet on wet is that since I am in Brazil, and since today has been a particularly hot day, the wash dries really quickly, so I decided to apply the water by sections to avoid the paper to get too wet.  I am honestly very impressed on how the work turned out and I have already other courses from her lined up on my list! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Obrigada! (too bad you can't see the shimmer...)

Watercolor Feathers - image 1 - student project