Watercolor Fall Elements

Watercolor Fall Elements - student project

Watercolor Fall Elements - image 1 - student projectWatercolor Fall Elements - image 2 - student projectWatercolor Fall Elements - image 3 - student projectWatercolor Fall Elements - image 4 - student project

I am so excited to paint the fall elements. Here are the first two elements. I will be adding more day by day. Thank you so much Courtney for this wonderful class. I am enjoying Painting these. And I love in just few strokes I am able to paint these gorgeous elements easily. So thank you very much!

The third element is leaf. I used the salt technique as taught in the class. It is really fun to see the texture of leaf using salt. What a great class!


The fourth element is Owl. I am so excited that I was able to paint owl without pencil. It was all brush. All thanks to Courtney! I just got the idea how we can paint with brush directly and start with basic body shapes, work on them little by little and then we have our very own owl! My first owl Painting.


The fifth Element is Turkey. I had so much fun painting this. For this painting, I have to make a sketch and then I completed the outlines and overall as taught in the class. I love how Courtney made this whole process simple! I adore this. Thanks a ton for this amazing class. I am so pleased to learn so much from you.

Jaya Gupta
Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher