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Casey Saccomanno

Print and Fashion Designer



Watercolor Exploration

1. Mono-chromatic Painting, just made a simple floral and leaf design and used Violet watercolor paint:


Playing with different watercolor techniques and media, had a BLAST doing this part of the class, below are my photos. I think the circles with the metallic turned out very interesting. Also this is very fitting because the Blood Moon Eclipse was last night and this was inspiring to me- the circles looks like planets and moons :)

***One  issue I had is when I used the bleach I didn't see much of a difference- I have "household bleach" not sure if there is a better kind to have.... 


Here are some upclose photos, look at the metallic! I could only use it for a few circles because the paint I have smells soooo strong. 



2. Jellyfish Painting, I used some of the salt and India Ink techniques in this painting as well, see my painting below: 


Here are some detail photos:



I will upload the last part of the project very soon, thanks for this great class! I have worked with watercolor for a while but I think there are many new helpful techniques in this class!


Okay so I worked on the pulse and prescision a bit more- so below is a photo of the feather I worked on:


3. Galaxy Painting Project- below shows my process and final product. I was inspired by the cosmic ice scuptures of the Carina Nebula-

Here is my inspiration photo, I love the colors and glowing stars:


Here is me starting the painting: 


Almost finished:


Final Scanned Artwork:


Since I am a print designer I thought that this painting could be interesting placed in a repeat with the colors slightly modified and desaturated a bit: here is a swatch of my 2 print colorways. I see this print could be a really cute scarf print or leggings- I show some scarf sketches below:

Colorway #1


Colorway #2- Instead of a galaxy- this colorway reminds me of earthy dirt textures, its amazing how much color can effect a print. 



Thank you for your time looking at my project and I hope it inspires you! Thank you Ana Victoria for a great class!  <3

xo Casey Lea Saccomanno 


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