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Watercolor Essentials

Project 2-  Glass Lake

I almost gave up on this one half way through!  I felt I could not get the lake right and really wanted the glass like reflection in Ron Mulvey's finished project.  However I stuck with it and really had fun at the end putting on the finishing touches.  I found it was a good transition from the first project to this one in terms of the level of difficulty. It challenged me however I was still able to finish and be happy with my results. I would complete this one again for the practice.  Can't wait for project 3!! Any suggestions for the next one Ron Mulvey I would love to hear how to make it better. Thank you.



Here is the finished project for part 1.  It's amazing that changing where you take the picture really makes a difference.  I don't think there was enough light when I took this picture and prefer the one on top of my mantle.  Here it is laying flat. Loving this course!!


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