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Watercolor Essentials / 'No Drips No Slips'

Here is my    INTRO / OVERVIEW VIDEO about 6min.


                                 Love What You Do and Do What You Love 





Whether you've never painted before or are looking to improve your skills, this course will teach you the First of 3 Essential Techniques I've learned as a professional landscape artist. 

I've created, exhibited, and sold paintings for 30 years and run an Art School in Nelson BC. In this first course, you'll learn the "No Drips no Slips" English watercolor wash technique that I use in my studio and in the field. 

You don't need any previous experience to benefit from this course. I'll teach you the first technique with simple, visual instructions. 

I will present Two Demos where you'll See It ... Do It ..and Master It!! 

  • How to set up a simple drawing with Ron and start learning this invaluable watercolor technique right away! the "No Drip No Slip Style" (used by the English landscape watercolor masters) 
  • Bring expression and emotion to your paintings by properly applying dark to light washes in the true 'English Style'
  • Put it all together with your very own Original Watercolor using your own subject matter. Learn to express and not copy.
  •  See I've used this technique to create the paintings below:






First Assignment:

Students will learn right along with Ron as he demonstrates the basics of the English Wash Technique with a 'model landscape' that anyone can draw. The goal of this first assignment is to master the technique of the wash working step by step together on the same basic picture.

Outcome after the First and  Second Demo

Students will Draw and Paint with Ron as he presents Demo 1 and Demo 2 on how to "push" the wash technique up to a 'professional level'. You Can Do This!!


Students will then complete their Second Assignment  and paint an original "No Drips No Slips" watercolor.

You may also choose to  submit your painting of DEMO #2.

I have taught a class of 75 Art Students using a Model Landscape and each was significantly different from mine and from each other. You cannot copy personal creativity!

Upload your finished artwork into the class project gallery. Just Remember ...

                                                 'There are no mistakes in art!'

                                                       See You In Class / Ron


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