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Watercolor Discoveries! <3

Hello everyone! My name is Tasha. I fell in love with this class months ago, but didn't post anything! I recently purched a new brush for painting and I thought to myself "what better way to break it in and test it then using Olga's class!"


Meet Your New Friends!

Here are two beautiful colors , Opera Rose and Lemon Yellow! They are so bright and remind me of flowers <3 


I like the way they flow. So beautiful! 

Unusual Color Combinations

Here I used purple and ultramarine blue. They make such beautiful marks with eachother. 


Fluffy Technique

So I threw some alizarin and winsor blue on the paper. And then some sea salt. 

Its so sparkly. This picture reminds me of mountains and river and maps! 


Here it is again after removing salt! 


Some of the salt stuck on the paper! I left it. It looks so cool! 

Lazy Artist Technique

I laughed at this title. I am so lazy, too! I put all my yellows on this paper! And then put the clingwrap. The yellow reminded me of the sunshine. =)


Here it is after it dried!


Watercolor dries much lighter when it dries! This could be a leaf, or sunshine, or anything really! Im going to paint something over it in the future! 

Charming Imperfection


I splattered all over this! So fun! 


Not gonna lie, guys. This was hard with the brush I was using. The brush was small, and I wanted big spaces! I ended up using the brush, and tissue. That, my friends, is a good combination! 


Creating by Destroying

This was so interesting and unique. 


I love that spill there! This is still wet a little =) But so full of promise. 

Thanks for joining me here!


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