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Watercolor Digitally!

So this project is so close to me. I love watercolor and I love digitalizing. It combines both, I am a learner and I loved how this project came together. 

So I started with the search for alphabet template online that I like. I took the print out. 


I watercolored it, wet on wet. 


Later I scanned them and traced them in illustrator. I removed the black outline and it came out real nice. 


I love the look in my font. I may use this fonts for all my future projects to come. That's how much they look cute to me. 

So I took the letters that I require to form my words. 


I had painted the girl a long time before. So I used her and found a simple quote. Combined both and Vola!

here is my final digital piece.


Hope you guys enjoy my project. 


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