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Watercolor Class Stuff: Updated 4/18


My list of talents includes: gumball chewing skills, unicorn combing skills, herbal telepathy skills, as well as grass trumpet skills.  I am excited to now add floral watercolor painting skills to my list.

I am newish to watercolor painting.  I've owned a palette for years and messed around with it a wee bit but was always disappointed with my results (I may be a bit of a perfectionist).  I'm not sure what to think of my results.  I think they're fun but I probably need a lot more practice.  

I've always wanted to learn how to paint the pretty florals I'm seeing everywhere.  I own a home decor/gift shop with lots of vintage and handmade items so my hope is to eventually get good enough at it that I can offer some handmade signs/cards in my shop.

Here are some photos for your delight. 



Dropped Watercolor:


My first one I did with my old pan of watercolors because I hadn't bought the india inks yet.  I like the blue flower on the left and the fern off to the side but other wise it's kind of meh. 


I tried it again after purchasing a set of india ink colors.  I like my orange rose but think I need a lot more practice.  I also bought a waterbrush for another class on handlettering with watercolors that I'm doing, so I tried using that with this and the vintage one below.  While I'm sure it works great for handlettering, not so sure I like it for florals. 

Vintage Watercolor:


I already spent a tugboat load of money on all the inks for the dropped florals so I decided not to purchase the acrylic inks at this time and instead used what I had on hand... cheap acrylic craft paints... meh.  I'm sure I'd probably get better results with the right paints, so they're on my list.  Again, I used the waterbrush thing so I didn't really get great results.  I think I need to purchase some better brushes specifically for watercolor.  I don't think I really got the shades of color right on these.  Not quite pastel enough.  I'll work on it more. 

Hven't done the other style yet... will add that soon.  Thanks for taking a looksy!  Have a fantabulous day.


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