Watercolor Calla Lily

Watercolor Calla Lily - student project

I couldn't find any good fungi anywhere, so I chose to paint a Calla Lily from the garden.

:: Reference Photo + Color Swatches ::


Watercolor Calla Lily - image 1 - student project


:: Layering Watercolor ::

I really enjoyed using the pencil measuring technique. It really helped my eye to sketch out the image more accurately. The final shape is certainly not exact, but it's a technique I will continue to practice. 

My setup:

Watercolor Calla Lily - image 2 - student project


:: Final Image ::

I may go back in and add a background, but I liked the simplicity of a single flower. 

Watercolor Calla Lily - image 3 - student project


Great class, Rosalie. Thank you for looking. Any feedback is appreciated!

Nora Patterson
Designer, Creator, Wannabe Illustrator