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Watercolor Branding & "Enough" Art

Hi all!

I'm working through the 2-wk session, so I'm posting my tracing here first. I decided I'd go ahead and start with my business name in hopes that I might be able to use this technique someday in my branding :)

Here's my sketch on watercolor paper & progress so far!


Part Two
So I was eager to paint these so I got painting right away. I don't own watercolors, but since I had everything else for this project I decided to try it with gouache, which seems similar in application. It took pretty well, although the pigment has to be really watered down to work well. Here is the sketch all painted up...


So I wasn't super thrilled with the control I had over the gouache, so I did go out and grab some watercolors. Here is the full alphabet I did with those..


The first few letters I tried using water first, and for some reason - perhaps the watercolor paper I was using wasn't very absorbant? Or perhaps because my letters were fairly small? - the color would just blend all together, so I used dry paper but a very wet brush to apply the remaining colors. When the colors didn't blend well, I did try dropping a little water on top, but that ended up making those water spots you see mostly on the bottom line. Definitely a few letters I really like, though :)

Okay, so finally I decided to make up a little art print-style text with lettering I had designed previously. I tried the light box method this time and - OH - I just love how it turned out! It is a rainy dreary day, so the photo is a bit off color, but here is the result:


I think this is the one I'll vectorize :)


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