Watercolor Botanicals

Watercolor Botanicals - student project

The choice of paper was not good for both the sunflower and hibiscus (cheap paper although 300gsm cold pressed) the paint just got absorbed into the paper so quickly not allowing anytime to get that Color variation and blending or blooms effect. The lotus done on Canson XL Aquarelle.

Watercolor Botanicals - image 1 - student project


Absolutely enjoyed doing the sunflower...so fun and refreshing! No reference photo and the white accents are from the paper without paint (happy accident:-)..... Now onto the hibiscus.....

Watercolor Botanicals - image 2 - student project


The reference photo for the lotus was taken in a park near my place (Singapore) almost two years ago. The park is closed now for renovation and i miss going there, hence the urge to paint this photo. I always thought i could not compose an original artwork but as i practice i am getting a hang of it!! Very grateful for this wonderful class and the inspiration.


Watercolor Botanicals - image 3 - student projectWatercolor Botanicals - image 4 - student project


Watercolor Botanicals - image 5 - student project