Watercolor Autumn Illustrations

Watercolor Autumn Illustrations - student project

Upd: the course published:http://skl.sh/2cPAICj

In this course we will create lovely and cool fall illustrations using autumn leaves and watercolors. If you like watercolor or just are starting to draw this course is for you. And it also can be funny family activity.

Some of the things you will learn to draw are:

  • starry sky
  • landscapes
  • mountain ranges
  • trees
  • reflection in the water
  • endless field
  • beautiful autumn sky

I explain techniques, secrets and tips that are important for a successful outcome. As a result we will get 5 cute illustrations.

Lesson outline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vLqfGE931VQBDQpZ0_iy0DHBuZm15Sp3HP7Di01WfAM/edit

Olga Bonitas
Watercolor lover
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