Watercolor Animals!

Watercolor Animals! - student project

I only started painting a few months ago, just for fun, and I love posting my progress to social media. With much help from SkillShare, my work has drastically improved. So much, in fact, a follower of mine reached out to ask if I would paint her pets... For money! Someone likes my art enough to pay for it! It's an incredible feeling quite like no other. But it's also a bit daunting, and that's when I knew it was time to come right back to where I began: SkillShare!

This was my first ever attempt at seriously sketching/painting a cat. I challenged myself even further by choosing a monochrome color scheme. All things considered, I'm pleased with the way it came out and even more excited to explore this subject further!Watercolor Animals! - image 1 - student projectWatercolor Animals! - image 2 - student projectWatercolor Animals! - image 3 - student project