Watercolor Animals Part 1

Watercolor Animals Part 1 - student project

Watercolor Animals Part 1 - image 1 - student project

I don't really like cats, so it's funny that I now have a whole page in my sketchbook full of them. I thought this was really good practice though. I live in a hot and humid country, so the water dries very quickly (even with the AC on) and tends to leave harsh lines.

Watercolor Animals Part 1 - image 2 - student projectMy first attempts at the panda. The bottom one has such a funny expression on its face that it made me laugh for about two days every time I looked at it.

Watercolor Animals Part 1 - image 3 - student projectAnother attempt at the panda, this time on 100% cotton A4 Arches paper. I'm much happier with this result but still struggled with controlling the water and the value of the paint. 

Watercolor Animals Part 1 - image 4 - student projectAttempt number 3. Tried to go smaller this time as I thought it might help me with the control issues that I had with version 2. Still on Arches paper. Much happier with this result. I think I will give it another go at some point. 

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