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Friday, June 14

Word association and related sketches for "quiet"

I think I'm going to go with the idea of a bed floating on water with fishes swimming peacefully underneath and a reflection of the full moon.

Friday, June 21

Here is an initial stab at a color palette for the illustration, using the color hairpixel color generator. I started with the blue because the overal mood of the illustration will likely be dark since it should evoke calm and sleepiness. That said I might try another version with a lighter colors and see what feelings that would evoke. I then went for contrasting colors in the fish and maybe the bed itself will be a neutral warm brown. I tried to have a variety of values within the color scheme but we'll see how it plays out in the actual illustration. I will probably also use some whites, blacks and grays, especially for the moon and shadows.

Tuesday, July 2

I'm working on transferring my project to a digital medium, but am struggling with finding a good vector drawing program. If you can make a suggestion in the comments for a good vector program that is free or costs less than $60 I'd very much appreciate it. I tried InkScape but the UI is very clunky for me. And I'm not willing to pay for Illustrator.

In any case, I decided to go forward and play around with my color palette to see how the composition would look with the colors I chose.

Saturday, July 20

I tried downloading a free trial of Sketch, but it didn't end up being very easy to use either, so I'm going back to Inkscape. I started drawing the bed. I didn't spend any time on the colors yet since I'm focusing on getting the illustration right first. I'll do the fish, moon, and water next, at which point I'll work on the colors.


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