WaterSketch - student project

Exercise #1 Pencil to paint <3

I have some problems with the watercolor but i really enjoy to experiment with the texture and the freedom that watercolor gaves me.

WaterSketch - image 1 - student project

Exercise #2 Random Shapes

I really enjoy this one too, but this one more than the other my imatination really flies away with every shape and some of the drawings are upside down because i found the creativity in that way, this was really fun.

WaterSketch - image 2 - student project


Exercise #3 Color Exploration

In this one i made a lot of things i never thougt i would do it but watercolor, but watching the examples i really wanted to try to make things i didnt before, so there it is.

WaterSketch - image 3 - student project

Exercise #4 Mood/Atmosphere

THis one it really was a mess but allows me to experiment, im not quite happy with the results, but now i think i can make something better.

WaterSketch - image 4 - student project

Exercise #5 Make a study

Well i made a study about japanese food and i have to confess i cheated using a multiliner at the end, but dispite that im very happy with the results, thank you for this class it was a discovering for me.

WaterSketch - image 5 - student project