Water with Vanessa




From previous classes, I've noticed these techniques really work best with arches paper, or at least, with 100 % cotton paper of any kind. However, I've used up all of mine right now to prepare my 100 day project,  so I followed along with student paper.... the struggle!


Anyhoo.... here are my examples! Fun class to learn techniques! Cannot wait for the next class to pull all of the knowledge together! :)




Some close ups



On the third, Did not manage to get the edges darker.... will throw the paper under the bus for that one! ;) I will practice more!


And for the last technique, I used white ink as I do not own a uniball.... Not my favorite technique, but who knows.. maybe I'll have a change of heart!


Thank you Vanessa for the class!


Stephanie Rault
Rabbit hole explorer, color mixer, maker