Water reflection

Water reflection - student project

Water reflection - image 1 - student project


I loved this project! I used my Khadi watercolor journal for the first time for this and had some trouble with the paper. Although it's 100% cotton paper, I found out that it dries very quickly, so I had to move fast! Also, I used the Da Vinci Spin brush instead of a hake, which caused the painted water to be one big blue blob lol! So I added new waves later on.

The result is not completely what I had in mind, but I love it nonetheless :) Thank you for the wonderful class!



I wanted to try the second project as well and found a gorgeous reference photo that looked a bit like it. This is the result. The waves are a bit too profound and static in my opinion, but I really enjoyed painting this!

Water reflection - image 2 - student project

Ellen Van Ham
Watercolor artist, stationery designer