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Water and Sky

I took this project as an opportunity to revamp my instagram feed. The theme is the sea and the sky. Summer holidays in Portugal and then shortly in the UK gave me the opportunity to take many pictures with a friend on the beach and by the sea. So all of them feature the sky and water - most of them the Atlantic Ocean, except for one which features the Tagus River.

Four of the pictures were not taken by me: I am in them. In terms of editing, I tried to maintain the same brightness and low constrast in all of them to create this sort of vintage faded effect that I love, and which I fuond to go well with the theme. Also, all of the photos were cut horizontal. Does anyone know a quick way to make sure all of them are cut the same size and automatically aligned on the feed? I do it manually and it's extremely time consuming.

For editing I used mostly Snapseed, Instasize, but sometime also an Instasize filter.

Below, the 9 photos:











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