Water Elemental Guardian

Water Elemental Guardian - student project

Hi there! It's pretty late but I managed to put this character together. Learned a lot with this class, really appreciate the color theory sessions and learning just how important color is in character creation. Even though I'm no stranger to character design, creating an elemental guardian was definitely a first for me (I actually had to look up what exactly and elemental guardian was to get a better understanding of what to make).  I enjoyed going outside my element a little bit to bring my guardian to life! 

My concept sketches:

Water Elemental Guardian - image 1 - student project

My process of inking, color blocking and playing around with the hue saturation:
It's my first time using photoshop to ink in my art, so it's a bit messy in places... 
Water Elemental Guardian - image 2 - student project

And here's the final result!
I took inspiration from "Genesis" by Oni Hazarian. Looking at this painting reminded my of the ocean with it's caverns and colorful reefs and thought that I should make a water guardian. 

Water Elemental Guardian - image 3 - student project

J. Lopez
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