Water-Cat Spirit

Hi everybody,

I tried to develop a "Water-cat" spirit. I hope you like it! :)

His name is Ashiya. He comes form the sea and he wants to protect it - so he has two tentacle-ish hands to do something with them. He also has gills for breathing underwater.

I wanted to create a sidekick character for a story that has a lot do with water, and the protagonist is very dynamic and energetic, but also impatient and has lack of confidence sometimes. So I wanted to draw him a supportive character - who has enough mental strength and confidence but is also cute, warm and loving.

I am not sure what those squares at the back are supposed to be - I wanted him to be able to fly in the air actually - but I don't know what kind of wings would suit him. So maybe they could just be pockets and he can fly without wings? :)

If you have any tipps on how to improve this little watercat you're more than welcome!


Here are some more sketches I tried out:

Flower Fairy                     Wilful Witch                                Wobble                               Snake Chu


:) It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the lesson!


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