Water Behemoth

Hi class :D

For this project i want to create an underwater creature, while working on the first sketches i realized i want it to be an huge animal, more apt at swimming than at walking on land, with element of reptiles  and cetacean (i liked the idea of mixing the hard surface of scales and horns with the softer skin of cetceans ).

Of those first sketches my favourites are the wyvern, even if it's quite traditional, and the frog. I expecially ike the idea of the inflatable air sacks that can change their overall shape. Tomorrow i'll sketch some more designs and elaborate the wyvern   bit further


Thanks for all the feedback :)

I did some more sketches to further explore some of the designs

While working on these i began to think as how the creatures would fit in the same envroment, i would see the wyvern as the top predator, the frog as a massive and slow herbivore and the manta as a sort of remora-like parasite that lives attached to the giant frog.

For the final image of the project i would like to create a slice of their ecosystem, probably a hunting or fighting scene, showing those three creatures.

using the idea from the previous sketches i decided for an almost final desing for the frog and wyvern ( for the manta, i liked the last sketch and probably in the final image it will be too small to be as detailed as the other two)

For the next step i'll gather some more reference,expecially of the different types of skins and begin some study.


Update with some studies, i have collected some reference for both creatures

For the main study i choose a toad and tried to focus on the various textures of his skin,

Then i looked at the reference to build up the skeletons, the wyvern is mostly based on a crocodile with some shark elements, for instance i liked more the idea that the frontal fins were made mostly of thick cartilagine than the usual dragon wing structure.

The other one mixes elements of frog and whales.


Hi all, i had some problems and stuff in the last months and had to put this project on hold :\

but i'm back now and really hope to be able to finish my creatures soon :D

today i sketched one of them, mostly to getting used to it again and to update it's design a bit.

Hope to be able to post something more detailed soon.


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