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Watching the Snow Fall

July 18

I decided to use the word "Quiet" to inspire my project.... As I was brainstorming, I kept thinking of the quiet, peaceful feeling one gets when looking out the window and watching snow fall. So I decided to make a simple illustration of the scene!

Here are my initial sketches... I kept them very rough, and did most of the refining on the computer:

Next, I took my scan into illustrator and began to draw over it.... I've just refined my illustration to a place where I'm pretty happy with it and feel good about the color palette! 

My next step is going to be to add some simple textures....

July 19

I've been working today on adding textures to the picture... I'd love some feedback! I'm particularly unsure about how best to treat the snowflakes and the glare on the windows. Does anyone have any thoughts? 


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