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Watch Out - Single By Adam Solis

Hey guys, 

   I been an artist for about 8 years and a producer for about a year now. I never thought in my entire life I could produce or make beats, and how hard it is. I have learn from youtube videos, friends and even blogs, but I have learned from skillshare and with Young guru more then anywere else, for the simple fact that he explains things very easy and understandable. My name is Chato La Brega and the song that I am putting in for this project is called Watch Out by Adam Solis a friend who I support and believe he could  take it to the next level. This project was made in my home, in one of my rooms that I turned into a little recording studio in the bronx. This recording took us a couple of hours and in the mix was about a half a day.

Ok guys in my home studio I am using a late 2008 mac 8 core with 14 gis of ram, For my converter I am using apogee symphony i/o 2x6, which pass by a Avalon Vt 737Sp to my Neumann TML 102MT for the vocals with a reflexion filter around it. the head phones are the beats pro by dre and for my studio monitors I am using the Yamaha HS8 2014. All my wires are made by mogami and don't forget my monster power pro 950 power conditioner. For acoustics I have 2 bass traps in back of my monitors, and about 250 foam pieces which I made about 8  2 x 3 panels for my side walls of my studio, and some diamond shapes on the upper side walls to asorb the frequencies more, also some foams on top of the ceiling from my mixing position. I also have a love couch in back of me from my mixing position, which my rooms is about 7 feet wide by 18 feet long and the height is 8 feet tall. My walls are made of concrete on all four walls and my floor is made of wood. I havent had the chance to install carpet yet, which I know is the best thing for low frequencies but I mixed it like this.




Ok in the mix the DAW I used was pro tools 10 HD, 13 tracks were use for vocals, 1 track for the beat and 6 Aux tracks for the effect plug-ins. I used a eq, transXwide, center and L1 limiter on the beat to make it blend into the mix a bit, since I dont have the track out of the beat. I had a lil reverb in my vocals so I used SPL Deverb by plugin alliance to take some off. I also used JJP vocals from Waves on my main vocals only. On the delays I used H-delay and echo boy. For a Dee-sser I used SPLs which is one of the best. on the allybs I used doubler and to compress all my vocals I used Elysia by Plugin Alliance and thats it.

I know my studios is kind of small, but I started my studio with a Apogge Duet 2 and a Presonus Studio channel with my present studio monitors, I am just looking to make the best commercial music I can with what I got, hopefully you guys like this project and enjoy it. good luck to all.



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