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Tony Sarcone

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Wasted Brand

My brand is called Wasted. @wastedcru

It's a Streetwear brand based around rough punkish vibes, with a sorta cali skate/surf vibe. Even though I live in New York I've always been into Cali based a themes, designs, and the state itself. The colors, line work, and over all presents of that style of designing is amazing. Its like Its an eternal summer! (Four Year Strong Pun)

Which brings me to the next part of my brand which is music. My art is heavily influenced by the music I listen to everyday. From just listening to acoustic jams in my room to going to punk/hardcore/metal shows! its all an experience i plan to share through my brand. Its a part of me just like my art. It makes me who I am. 

Some brands that influence me daily are Rebel 8, Benny Gold, Mishka, Johnny Cupcakes, The Hundreds. And STUSSY. Just Amazing and hardworking brands that are some of the top in the Streetwear Industry. 

 But here are some pics of some works in progress. .

here is a basic sketch the new design.heres the rough design. still working on it.

Heres the finished design. really liking how it came out. 

This Is still in the works! Please Tell me what you think! feedback is appreciated!

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