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Washington, A Pointed Pen Font

I can't even explain how excited I am to have finished this course-- like Jenn, making my own font has always been something in the back of my mind that I'd really hoped to accomplish! 

As you can see, I started this according to the video. I sketched out a script-- based on one I frequently use with pointed pen and ink to complement my calligraphy--  using my lightbox and a guide sheet in lieu of graph paper. Sorry that it's sideways; it refuses to go vertically for some reason.


I started to go over the pencil with Micron pens; however, I wasn't getting the look I wanted, and then it dawned on me that I could just USE my pointed pen since that was the look I was going for anyway! I used the lightbox to trace over my pre-existing letterforms, making the process pretty quick after that.

I actually did two versions of each letter and although I'll be keeping it an all-caps font, I'll eventually digitize the second set of letters so that I can utilize the lowercase letter options to instead offer variations of my other letters. Since I phrased that VERY confusingly: instead of "a" being "a", "a" will actually be a second version of "A" so that if I use two "A"s in the same title/graphic/what-have-you, they won't be identical. Hopefully that made a LITTLE more sense! In addition, I'd really like to add punctuation and numbers to this font soon.

Here's my final font in the Glyphs app! 


Some of my letters are still having some spacing/kerning issues that I need to play around with, but all in all, I'm REALLY pleased with how this is going so far! It's so exciting to be able to pull up my own font in Photoshop! 


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