Time and use unloosen the tightest screws. That’s just the way it is. Most things gradually decline, and the best you can hope for is that it was a good ride. 

The common washer is a circular metal plate that helps distribute the load of screw or a nut. Washers are everywhere. They are especially on the roads, sidewalks, and byways of my small town in Georgia, where I pick them up and add them to my washer collection, which is beautiful no matter where it is or what it’s doing.

I didn’t have to be asked twice to explore beauty through the circle. I dug out my collection and arranged some washers on a piece of white poster board and took a photo. Done! It’s so beautiful. I added this to a journal cover, which I am going to use. 


After that careful arrangement, I went into my backyard and just poured the washers from the poster board onto the moss. I didn’t touch the arrangement at all, and in a mass, the washers are so beautiful. I put this on a card, which would be good for anyone who likes to contemplate the industrial versus the natural world—also good for someone heavy into washers.


I took the arranged photo into Illustrator and did a very simple image trace using three colors. I liked the geometric and industrial pattern and put it on a pencil bag. 


In Photoshop, I tried several things to explore the beauty of the washers but the one I ended up with (blending mode = difference) was psychedelic, so kind of interesting, but ultimately I didn’t find it beautiful.


Thank you for this opportunity to explore beauty and the inevitable wear of time through the washer. 


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