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Warriors of the Ages

I've fleshed out a few silhouette designs, trying to establish a theme along the way. Not only did I at first struggle to decide upon a select theme and brief, but I struggled to find the right brush that really worked for the silhouette process, as I am new to photoshop and have an intermediate understanding of the interface.

Over the last two days, I have finally found a few designs by which I myself am excited to continue. Along the design path, I found that I had a connection with drawing warriors from different periods of history, from the Ancient Roman centurion to the Samurai of Japan.

I found that working on these very interesting styles, all unique to one another, held a balance across the page, while it still remains a topic/brief that I am keenly interested in.

Therefore I have decided that my title for this project will cover the many warriors of the ages, almost a 'Deadliest Warrior' design, as of yet covering many interesting fighters and dexterous styles expressing a manner of styled poses that reflect these great historical soldiers

Update 2:

After creating my thumbnails, I was quite happy with a few of them, so I thought I’d first make a start on the katana wielding ninja samurai character, the first pose on the top row. As I developed the character, I saw that I had accidentally infused a subtle touch of science fiction into the character, which turned into an almost happy accident, so I ran with it, though am not sure as to whether or not this will be a continuous theme.
Here is the working process of the design for the said 'sci-fi samurai':

I don't feel that it is anywhere near a finished outcome, though I do like playing around with aspects of the pose. I may revisit this character design later, and repeat the process however with a more polished approach, including more details that communicate purpose. Though I will first continue with exploring some of the other thumbnails that I also have a particular interest in first.

Update 3: 

After working on the science fiction samurai silhouette, I already found myself attached to the idea of adding a touch of futurism to some of these older armour designs. I found this interesting when evolving the Roman centurion silhouette, whilst keeping the traditional gladius and shield, in keeping with the design fundamental, yet upgrading and modernising parts of the armour, particularly the chest plate and helmet. 
Though no outcomes as of yet, here is an image showing the design process, from skeletal structure to the generated idea of the sci-fi centurion:

All feedback is welcome!


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